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February 13, 2007



I wish all parents would feel this commitment to their childrens' music education. The allowance attachment is interesting - hadn't thought of that. Also I would be interested to know how your mom grades - does she break it down into categories; where does she put it - on the student's assignment sheet maybe; is it ABC type grades; is this feedback to students, parents or I guess both each week? Also does she do regular evaluations?
Appreciated your post! Bonnie


Hi Bonnie,
My mom grades with letter grades for older students, or Excellent, Very Good, or Needs Improvement for younger students. She puts the grade in the assignmnent book. She uses the assignmnent book which was designed by her. It is a blue book called Music Notebook, GP16 (Kjos) and there is a place to write a grade and a note to the student/parent each week. It helps a lot with communication between teacher, student and parent.

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